OPTIMAL Reimbursement Strategies

Services Optimal Offers

Billing Outsourcing- Reduce or eliminate costly labor expenses related to employing a billing staff. Our experienced HOME HEALTH billers will process your claims timely and accurately BELOW the cost of billing employees. And...we don't get paid until AFTER YOU DO!

Cash Flow Analysis- Is your cash flow slow or non-existent? Let us troubleshoot your claims and develop a plan of action to jump start your cash flow.

Revenue Recovery- Can you be sure that you have been reimbursed 100% for all services rendered? Let us uncover reimbursement that could be lost forever.

Training Modules- PPS home health billing training at your office or ours, for individuals or groups. Our training modules include:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

A/R Analysis- Let us evaluate your accounts receivable, report our findings and develop procedures to increase reimbursement.

Billing Operations Review- An in-depth review of your agency's billing and work flow processes to identify opportunities for improvement and implement new processes to improve your revenue cycle.

Process Improvement Teams- These agency wide teams have been proven to substantially reduce claim errors and foster team work between your clinical and billing staff.

Teambuilding- Is your agency going through a corporate change? Is employee morale lacking? Would you like to easily recruit and retain high-producing employees? Studies have shown that a happy employee is a productive employee, we have proven organizational development techniques to inspire team members to go the extra mile!

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